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About Us


Yozgat Bozok University was established on 01/03/2006 by the decision of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Gazette dated 17/03/2006 and numbered 5467. Our university; Although it was established independently in 2006, its infrastructure dates back. Yozgat Vocational School, which was established in Yozgat in 1982 under Erciyes University and another Vocational School affiliated to Gazi University in 1989, form the basis of our University. These two vocational schools were merged in 1994 and affiliated with Erciyes University. The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and the Faculty of Agriculture was established in 1992, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences was established in 1994 and the School of Health was established in 1996 all of which were affiliated to Erciyes University. Akdağmadeni Vocational School was established in 1997 affiliated with Cumhuriyet University. The faculties and schools affiliated to Erciyes and Cumhuriyet Universities were affiliated to Bozok University and gained an independent structure in 2006.

Our University is located on Erdoğan Akdağ East Campus and Bilal Şahin West Campus on an area of 4.100 decares on Yozgat Atatürk Yolu, Central district of the city. In addition to the Main Campus, our University has a Rectorate Protocol Building, Dentistry Building, and campuses in Esentepe District in the center of Yozgat. Outside the center, it continues its education and research activities on an area of 7632 decares with its campuses in Sorgun, Akdağmadeni, Yerköy, Boğazlıyan, Şefaatli, Çekerek, and Sarıkaya districts.

Our University, which completed its establishment phase and is continuing its development, carries on its educational activities with 14 Faculties, 4 Schools, 8 Vocational Schools, 2 Institutes, 1 Research and Application Hospital, 15 Application and Research Centers, 1 Technopark, 1 Technology-Transfer Office and 4 departments affiliated to the Rectorate in the 2021-2022 academic year.

Since its establishment in 2006, our university has also developed considerably in terms of human resources. It continues its activities with nearly 1000 academic staff and more than 1000 administrative and support service personnel. The number of students studying has increased by 400% and has exceeded 20,000 in 14 years.

Our University was selected among the "Specialized Universities" in 2020 with its project titled "For Sustainable Biomaterials and Bioenergy: Industrial Hemp" within the scope of the "Regional Development-Oriented Mission Differentiation and Specialization Project" carried out by the Council of Higher Education.


Yozgat Bozok University has undertaken a mission to be a university that is entrepreneurial and innovative with its specialization focused on regional development, that foresees and implements universal changes in adding value to its country and humanity, is based on quality, produces information, and manages the processes of change, transformation, and development with the use of the produced information at all levels.


Our vision is to become one of the leading universities that transform the knowledge it produces with its entrepreneurial and innovative face into an economic value with its stakeholders and offer it to the service of humanity.


Justice: Our university cares about establishing justice in all its processes.

Freedom: Our university believes that freedom of speech and conscience is an indispensable part of scientific development and effective learning.

Tolerance: Our university embraces its stakeholders with respect, love, and understanding in all its processes.

Productivity: Our university cares that all its members are productive and thus add value to humanity.

Entrepreneurship: Our university cares about encouraging all kinds of positive entrepreneurial efforts of its stakeholders with all its means.

Participation: Our university places great value on the participation of its stakeholders in the decision-making, planning, implementation, and precautionary processes of the administration.

Quality Orientation: Our university carries out all its processes with a focus on quality.

Environmental Awareness: Our university, together with all its members, places importance on a sustainable environmental approach that is respectful to the environment and nature and sensitive to global environmental problems.

Accountability: Our university attaches great importance to being transparent and accountable in all its processes.


Preference: Entrepreneurial Orientation

Region Preference: Regional Development Oriented Specialization in the field of Industrial Hemp and the success region determined in other academic fields and units.

OUR STRATEGIC AIMS AND OBJECTIVES (The Strategic Plan for the year 2022-2026 can be examined for further details)

Objective 1. To increase the quality of education

            Target 1.1 Education and training programs will be improved and developed,

            Target 1.2 Learning resources will be enriched, accessibility will be increased, and the number of courses conducted via hybrid education will be increased,

            Target 1.3 Student motivation and competencies will be increased,

            Target 1.4 The national and international recognition of the university will be increased,

            Target 1.5 Postgraduate education capacity will be improved.

Objective 2. To increase qualified scientific research and project activities, the results of which can turn into social and economic benefits

            Target 2.1 The visibility of the university in international indexed journals will be increased,

            Target 2.2 Externally supported project capacity will be increased,

            Target 2.3 Specialization activities in the field of Industrial Hemp will be increased,

            Target 2.4 Activities will be increased within the scope of training scientists and supporting researchers,

            Target 2.5 The number of open access to university-addressed scientific publications will be increased.

Objective 3. Developing an innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere within the university

            Target 3.1 Innovative initiatives and R&D activities carried out by the private sector, academic staff and students will be increased in Bozok Technopark,

            Target 3.2 Education-training and other activities for innovation and entrepreneurship awareness will be increased,

            Target 3.3 The number and quality of R&D activities for entrepreneurship will be increased,

            Target 3.4 The number of projects (recently accepted annually) apart from the field of Industrial Hemp carried out with university-sector cooperation will be increased,

            Target 3.5 Annual number of university-addressed patents, utility models, and designs will be increased.

Objective 4. To increase activities, collaborations, and social responsibility services aimed at contributing to society.

            Target 4.1 The number of national and international scientific, artistic, and cultural events organized within the University will be increased,

            Target 4.2 The standards of health services provided to the people of our city and region will be increased and their quality will be increased,

            Target 4.3 By introducing the innovations related to plant and animal production in our city to the producers, joint studies will be carried out with the stakeholders which will direct them to produce with high added-value products and original methods.

            Target 4.4 Within the scope of media literacy, communication channels open to public use will be developed.

            Target 4.5 In order to find solutions to the problems related to animal health on a regional and national basis, an Animal Hospital will be established, and its clinical services will be opened.

Objective 5. Developing institutional capacity and ensuring its sustainability

            Target 5.1 All conditions of the Internal Control System will be implemented and monitored,

            Target 5.2 Qualitative competencies and satisfaction levels of human resources of our university will be increased,

            Target 5.3 Sustainable Green University Management System will be established,

            Target 5.4 The institutional image of our university will be improved,

            Target 5.5 The physical areas of our university will be improved.

Legislation, Policies and Regulations

For further information on Legislation, Policies and Regulations please click HERE

Right to Information

Right to Information

The "Regulation on the Principles and Procedures Regarding the Implementation of the Right to Information Law" prepared in accordance with Article 31 of the Right to Information Law No. 4982 entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated April 27, 2004 and numbered 25445.

In the Board of Directors Meeting of our University dated 24.09.2004 and numbered 27, it was decided to establish a Press and Public Relations Unit within the General Secretariat of our University and to establish an "Information Acquisition Unit" within this unit.

You can apply by FILLING IN THE APPLICATION FORMS to ask your questions about the Law on Access to Information and to use the right granted by the law in matters related to our University.

Right to Information Application Form (for Real Persons)
Right to Information Application Form (for Legal Entities)
Right to Information Law
Principles and Procedures on the Implementation of the Right to Information Law

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity
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