Yozgat Bozok Üniversitesi




1-Applications are made by online application system according to the procedures announced on the Website of Yozgat Bozok University (www.bozok.edu.tr) in July.

2- During the admission period of the applications, the date of the documents' access to the university is taken into consideration.

3- Applicants may apply to quotas for those who have minimum and maximum score determined in ‘Admitted Exams/Certificates for Application’.

4- The documents required for application, special conditions and explanations, if any, are announced on the Website of Yozgat Bozok University.

5- Candidates may have maximum 10 (ten) preferences from the quotas announced.

6- Preferences are made by online application system. The requested documents in the pre-registration are scanned and recorded in the system. These documents are submitted in the final enrollment.

7- Applicants, who do not meet the conditions of application, will not be evaluated.

8- During the Applications;

  1. Document which shows that the student has a minimum score from the examinations/certificates  in ‘Admitted Exams/Certificates for Application’,
  2. Sample page/pages of the passport that show/s the identity and validity period of the passport,
  3. Certified copy of diploma or temporary graduation certificate,
  4. Transcript (students, who will apply according to their grade point average, must have a conversion table over 100 based on their countries),
  5. Diploma Equivalent Certificate (In order to be able to process the Certificate of Equivalence, the diploma must have an Apostille seal)
  6. One passport photo, which must be 4, 5x6 CM in size, color, and taken in the last six months,
  7. In order to continue the education in our country, the applicant, who submits the document proving that  s/he does not have financial request from the university, that s/he is financially capable of meeting  her expenses and that s/he can pay the tuition fee determined by the Senate, will be taken into consideration,
  8. Applications, which are made without approval or with incomplete document, are not admitted except for the duration of the application,
  9. The applicant may require verifying the information and documents submitted during the online application system. If it is determined that there is any discrepancy in the information and documents, the application will be invalidated even if s/he has been registered for the program.