Yozgat Bozok Üniversitesi



  1. Information about the evaluation results and registration procedures for applications to associate and undergraduate programs are announced on the Website of Yozgat Bozok University (www.bozok.edu.tr).
  2. A letter of acceptance is sent to the candidates who are eligible to register in the university by the Rectorate.
  3. After the announcement of the results, students, who do not report their enrollment by sending a confirmation letter, will be dismissed.
  4. Registrations are made by the Directorate of Student Affairs on the dates announced on Website of Yozgat Bozok University (www.bozok.edu.tr).
  5. The candidate, who has the right to register, will be registered by applying to the Directorate of Student Affairs personally on the dates in the announcement. No registration is made by mail or by someone other than the candidate. The candidates, who certify one of the excuses stated in the University’ Regulations of associate degree and undergraduate Education Examination, may register with the foreign representations of the Republic of Turkey or the people authorized by the power of attorney issued by the notary public of the Republic of Turkey,
  6. Applicants or incoming students may apply to the International Student Office established within the university to get information on different topics,
  7. Information about the registered students is notified to the Council of Higher Education.
  8. Students registered in associate and undergraduate programs must apply to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management with the residence Information Form for foreign students by receiving it from the Directorate of Student Affairs within one month after the registration process has been completed.



  1. International Student Application Form (available on the university website or International Student Office website),
  2. The original of high school diploma and an "Equivalency Certificate" taken from Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the respective countries or Turkish Republic Ministry of National Education which indicates that related high school diploma is equivalent to the Turkish high school diplomas,
  3. Transcript (students, who will apply according to their grade point average, must have a conversion table over 100 based on their countries),
  4. The original passport and a Turkish translated notarized copy,
  5. The original of the exam result document (YÖS, SAT1, ACT, etc.) (sealed by the relevant authorities),
  6. Students, who have the right to register to the departments of  Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, Vocational School of Health Services, Akdağmadeni Vocational School, Sarıkaya Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, must have a Health Board Report to continue courses (it must be taken only from full-fledged state hospitals and medical school hospitals.)
  7. The bank receipt indicating that the contribution / tuition fee has been paid to the respective bank,
  8. Candidates who have taken Foreign Language Education programs or compulsory preparatory programs must have the original copy of internationally valid Foreign Language -Turkish proficiency certificate approved by Turkish Embassy or Consulate in candidate's country,
  9. Turkish language proficiency certificate or diploma at C1 level (these documents must be approved by Bozok Tömer Directorate),
  10.  According to this directive, those who hold the citizenship of The Republic of Turkey and must have a certified document which shows that they have completed all of their high school education abroad. (A certified document from the graduated school or a transcript covering the entire duration of the study should be obtained.),
  11. GCE AL exam results: TRNC nationals (excluding those that have had their entire high school education in TRNC and taken the GCE AL exam, and have received education in a high school in another country between 2005 and 2010 and have taken the GCE AL exam),
  12. Certificate showing the identity information given by the state authorities in the register sample and nationality for those who are Turkish nationals by birth and have ceased to be a citizen by courtesy of the Ministry of Interior and their minor children registered in the document of expatriation, provided that they can document that they hold the Official Document for The Use of Rights defined in the Turkish Citizenship Law (BlueCard holders)
  13. Certificate of identity register copy for those who   hold     dual     citizenship, one being Turkish,
  14. A photocopy of the passport with a learning visa and a photocopy of the residence permit obtained from the Provincial Directorate of Security, (the children of foreigners who have completed secondary education (High School) in Turkey and gained the right to start their education without a break can register with their current residence permit without seeking a study visa in their passport.),
  15. 6 photos sized 3,5 x 4,5 (Photos should be taken within last 6 months at the front face, and in a form that the candidate could easily be recognized),
  16. The amount of financial security to be sought for candidates who are eligible to apply to our university programs (a copy of the account book containing 4 times more the amount of contribution in the account to be opened on behalf of the candidate)
  17. Foreign Identity Number
  18. The applicants are responsible for submitting a document that they have been registered to Social Security Institution (SGK) within two months after exact registration. Otherwise, they will not be able to benefit from any health institution in Turkey.
  19. In the announcement made by the Rectorate Registrar’s the Website of Yozgat Bozok University (www.bozok.edu.tr).  documents other than the documents specified in this article may be requested in the registration or application.