Yozgat Bozok Üniversitesi




International students coming to Yozgat for their university education have started their Turkish Language Education in our university Application and Research Center of Turkish Language Teaching (TÖMER).

70 international students will be given writing and speaking education for 960 hours in 9 months. By the end of the year 300 students will be able to speak and write in Turkish language.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Karadağ, Our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Şenol Akın and the Director of TÖMER Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fahri Şeker participated in the opening ceremony of Turkish Language education starting at our University Faculty of Education for our international students.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Karadağ stated that international students that have preferred Yozgat Bozok University will be provided with Turkish language education for the opportunity to express themselves and communicate. Stating that they carried out a series of studies to increase the number of international students from the beginning of 2020, Our Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Karadağ indicated that this study had to be paused due to the pandemic period.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Karadağ said, “Our international students who preferred our university have started to add value to the city. These students are our cultural ambassadors. We expect our tradesmen, especially local governments, and all the people of the city to protect these young people. "

Drawing attention to the fact that Yozgat Bozok University will gain an important place for itself in terms of its visibility at the international level with the increase in the number of international students, Rector Karadağ said, “We are in an effort to increase our international visibility with our slogan “with Determination to Success”. We care about our international students. As the university administration, we are always by our students. We continue our studies and planning for students from Asia, Africa, Balkans and Turkic Republics to come to our university. In this context, our students from Africa have joined us and new students will continue to come. We wish 500 students to receive education and training at our university by the end of 2020, and 2 thousand students by the end of 2021. "

28.10.2020 11:26